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The Services

Todi Immobiliare has created a range of services for you, you can not really think of anything during the evolution of the practice of buying.

The customer Todi Estate offers a new concept of real estate service, and can rely on efficiency and assured of almost total.

Some of our services:

  • Accurate market valuation of the property.
  • Finding housing solution for you.
  • Search for business premises, store rooms or other use.
  • Insertion of your request and your needs in our database.
  • Photo Ads in major magazines.
  • Strategies for selling personal property for details.
  • Forms of contract updated by our federation.
  • Assistance with paperwork.
  • Mortgage title search.
  • Cadastral service.
  • Conventions with some notary.
  • Agreements with construction companies for renovations and new construction.
  • Agreements with leading banks for loans of all kinds and for all needs.
  • Real estate appraisals written to support processes of succession and so on.
  • Write preliminary sales.
  • Writing rental contract both commercial and residential.
  • Business consulting for companies in the planning stages on several types and typologies demanded by the market.