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First Home Purchase

Increasing buying and sell real estate but decreasing of values ​​in 2017. To confirm this, which is now a consolidated fact, the National Notary Council with its Statistical Notarial Report (DSN), which takes in consideration the ongoing of the real estate market and the mortgages, apart from the deed of gifts and the establishment of companies, of the years 2016 and 2017, considering the transactions done on the Notaries offices in that period.

Residential transactions, +9,33

For what concerns the real estate market, is of the 6,79% the increasing of the transactions fiscally registered in 2017: it is about 863 k units, in rispect of the 808 k of 2016. Looking only the datas of selling and buying properties, the increasing in 2017 becomes even of the 9,33% a year, although the purchasing of building lands signs up + 12,93%.

The majority of the real estate buying and purchasing is conveyed to the North (55,39% of the market), while the Center lines up at a quote of the 18,23% (quote similar to the South) the islands got a percentage of the 7,88% of the market.


Analyzing the regional distribution, sales are particularly growing, compared to 2016, in Molise (+12,03%), in Marche (+11,59%), in Sicily (+11,69), in Puglia (+11,32%) and Campania (10,44%). The only region in which the sign is minus is Abruzzo where the decreasing of the sales is of the 4,56% in respect of the year 2016.

Benefits of first/main house

agevolazione prima casa

to notice the datas on the benefits of the first/main house: more than the half of the properties has been purchased using that benefit. In fact on 553.654 purchases in 2017, the first home benefit was requested for as many as 310.880, especially from buyers aged in between 18 and 35 (the 39,66%).

Real estate, decreasing medium values

In 2017 the values of these trades are the ones decreasing, If in fact 2016 registered a medium value superior to the 148.000 euros, the year after that parameter doesn’t exceed the 126k Euros, which demonstrates an intense slowdown in the market.

the residential properties continue to be sold more by the privates than by enterprises: in 2017 the 75,16% it is part of the first tipology

Loans up to 150.000 euros the more commons

Increased between 2016 and 2017 also loans secured by mortgages, which showed a + 6,68% rising up to 372,5 contracts (of which 360k having as subject buildings).

In decrease Abruzzo and Valle d’Aosta regions (respectively -7,92% and – 1,28% request of loans from 2016 to 2017), but increases in Molise (+28,09%), in Sardegna (+18,28%), in Campania (+12,47%), in Puglia (+11,65%) and in Piemonte (+10%).

The loans preferred by the Italians are those up to 150.000 euros (71% of the total), but it has also been registered a +35,06% also for amounts up to 500.000 euros.



Mutui erogati

Properties donation

Less donations of properties, in 2017. the properties donated pass, in fact, from 138k ti 135,6k in one year (-2,25%), of which the majority are located in the South. In 2017 they decrease of the 4,5 % also the donation for usufruct turned in favour to the over 76. The percentage of the donors grows after the age of 55, especially for what concerns the bare ownership. In this last case anyway a decreasing has been registered from part of the aged 76 with a percentage of the 3%.