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Todi Immobiliare since 1994

Todi Immobiliare is a team of professionals with significant experience in the real estate market, we are in this sector from 1996, we live in Todi and concentrare exclusively on the Todi County. This allows us to deal confidently with the people of this area and to have strong knowledge of the comunity, customs and habits.
We have a working relationship with other professionals in this sector: architects, lawyers, notaries, engineers, surveyors, builders, artisans and banks to offer a complete range of quality services.

The real estate Agency Todi Immobiliare is specialized in selling and rental of farmhouses, villas, independent houses, flats, apartments in the town centers and typical old villages, buildings to be renovated, rustic, houses, land and farms in the “green heart of Italy”.

La Nazione
13 Ottobre 1990
Maurizio Naldini

In Search of the ideal city
A group of American Researchers from the University of Kentucky write “…the little town of Todi, with its twenty thousand inhabitants offers in perfect harmony agriculture, art, culture, food, services, in short, the pleasure of living…”

Original Study: R. S. Levine, University of Kentucky, USA: 1990

In the heart of Umbria, at 1200 ft above sea level, rises Todi, a medieval town world famous for its splendid square, its antique palaces and its churches. Built on two hills, Todi has a dominant position overlooking the enchanting valley of the Tiber river and of the surrounding green hills. The two hills on which the town is built are the present sites of the Temple of San Fortunato and of the Cathedral.

The entire county is dotted with ancient farmhouses, castles and old villages where the tourist, who more and more frequently becomes a resident, finds an oasis of peace far from the hectic pace of the big city.

Todi’s geographic location is also ideal as many important cities are conveniently reachable in a short time:

  • Perugia in 30 minutes;
  • Roma in one and a half hours;
  • Firenze in two and a half hours;
  • Napoli in three hours;
  • Milano and european cities by air from Perugia – S. Egidio airport